Best Labor Day Weekend Destinations Plan, Labor Day Trip Ideas in US

Perfect Last-Minute Labor Day Weekend Vacation Destinations.

Labor Day Weekend Destinations Plan Ideas

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California

Labour day is on Ahead and still if you aren’t fixed with your destination and just look at our Packages and travel with us and make a great experience. On this Labour day we came up with Great packages for Santa Barbara, book this package with us and have a great holiday, you can spend some quality time very peacefully after visiting this place.

California is a very peaceful destination to visit and it’s a balanced combo of deserts, beaches, mountains, climate and full of traditionalists. Every year many of the tourists visit California and that’s the reason will make this place very rich and for the great experience.

As Santa Barbara is one of the best towns to visit in California which is covered with great styles, architecture, mountains and light all over. There are plenty of adventures which you can do at this place. You can watch wildlife, shopping, beaches, malls and restaurants.

Some major place where you can visit after visiting Santa Barbara are:

  • Mission Santa Barbara- Mission Santa Barbara is also famous by the name Queen of the Mission and it’s most beautiful landmark of this city. It’s very famous among the tourists due to it’s great architecture of the city. There is a place which is very near from this and worth visiting and i.e La Huerta Historical Garden which is covered with many plants around such as grapes, pomegranates and prickly pear. It’s a lovely place to have a family picnic over this place on a sunny day.
  • stearns Wharf- Stearns Wharf is located in downtown Santa Barbara and this place has a breathtaking view which is covered with mountains and beaches. You can rent a bike and take a ride and explore the beach and surrounding things. You can also enjoy seafood at restaurants which are nearby.
  • Santa Barbara Zoo- This place has expanded more than 30 acres and is a beautiful place to explore the animals. From the side it is covered with gardens and it is a very lovely place to explore. You’ll find many animals like lions, leopards, elephants and gorila. You’ll have fun and will enjoy spending time with family.
  • Whale watching Tours- You’ll see crystal clear water in the ocean and through this you can explore the whale over there. More than 27 species of whales and dolphins you’ll see at this place. In the month of May to November is the best time to explore the Whales on the coast of northern and southern migration.
  • Paseo Nuevo and State Street Shopping- You’ll find different shops where you can do shopping easily and get all of the things. Besides that you can visit cafes and restaurants for spending time and take a walk to explore the streets.

The best time to visit Santa Barbara is from March to May or from September to November. As you’ll find the pleasant weather and a great time to explore this town.

And many more places to explore the beautiful Santa Barbara, you need to visit once. You can easily book these packages from our website at a reasonable cost.

Chatham, Massachusetts

Chatham, Massachusetts

Are you ready to travel to a great destination like Chatham, then get ready to come up with the best packages on this labour day. You can easily book this package with Akshar US and enjoy the best vacations ever till yet.

This town is very peaceful to visit and the best vacation spot in New England. Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful beaches and strongly high tides in the cape. You’ll find everything over this place i.e beach, scenic views, mountains, seaside, gardens and with millions of memories and great adventure.

The greats things you can do in Chatham are as given below:

  • Chatham Band- This place has been open for more than 60 years Basically there is a music band on friday night which starts at 8PM and people visit first and select their places in grass.
  • Sturtevant falls- Sturtevant is situated at Angeles National Forest. The height of this falls is upto fifty foot and after standing on the top you’ll see the most beautiful view ever. The view will be more mesmerizing with true colours of sky and nature.
  • Santa Cruz, California- This city has the smallest population i.e 50,000 but this place has beautiful beaches and it has a different vibe when you visit this place. People came across the world to see this beautiful place and make memorable holidays.
  • Pfeiffer Beach- This beach is very peaceful, silent and most of the people don’t know about this beach. But this beach is a must visit as you’ll see the sand in unusual purple colour and from this beach you can see the best sunset view.
  • Lava Beds National Monuments- There are 25 caves where you can visit after visiting Lava Beds National Monuments. You can climb all the mountains and enjoy watching the views. The visitors can’t give a definition about this place, it’s that much beautiful.
  • Muir Woods- If you are a nature and tree lover then you definitely visit this place. These forests will always be covered with fog and there are many trees that seeps in to stay moist during dry summers.

THe best time to visit this beautiful place is during May, june and September or October. As there is a very pleasant climate and temperature is suitable to explore the beautiful places.

Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

This beautiful place is very famous and the most visited place ever in all of Carolina. If you are in history of looking for interesting things like beaches, lakes, and adventure, South Carolina is covered with everythings. Take a time and visit this beautiful place and relax, you just have to book this tour package with Akshar US and explore the breathtaking views. Gonna sure you’ll enjoy this holiday and place such as South Carolina.

Some of the most beautiful places to visit in Palmetto Bluff are mention here:

  • Columbia- You have to take special time to explore this beautiful place and this is the largest city in all of south Carolina. This beautiful place also has some interesting architecture, history, and Gardens. There are also many shops from which you can shop anything.
  • Caesars Head State Park- This is one of the most interesting place to visit in carolina. You can do hiking on this most popular place, camping and fishing. You can also take a walk. This is the best way to explore this park which is surrounded with trees.
  • Myrtle Beach- One of the most popular beaches and most crowded people which tourists like to visit more. The place also conducts musical shows and the Myrtle Beach skywheel. Families love to visit this place and take rides, slides at water parks.
  • South Carolina State Museum, Columbia- This Museum is one of the great Museums in South Carolina and covered with history, arts, culture, sciences and various types of technology. This Museum also has a science theatre so that you will know many things.
  • Greenville Zoo- This is home to many animal species like Elephants, Monkeys, Leopards and many more. You can go one a adventure with your family as well as you can stay overnight and explore this Zoo.

The best time to visit Palmetto Bluff is during April and May As well as you can visit in the month of September and October. At that time there would be less crowd and the temperature is very pleasant.

Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County, California

If you are looking for a last minute booking to visit Sonoma Country then we are here for you. You can easily book this package with Akshar US and enjoy your holidays and make it more memorable. Sonoma county is famous for its foods, wines and there are many restaurants where you can visit. You can also hire a bike and take a ride, you can pamper yourself by booking spa appointments, and take a break and have a coffee.

You can visit many places in Sonoma County are mentioned below:

  • Scribe Winery- This is a must visit place to go in Sonoma. YOu can just sit and relax at this place while watching the surrounding which is covered with trees, sunshine and half some wine with your partner. This place is heaven for the visitors and you can take photos with our friends.
  • Flying Goat Coffee- Flying Goat Coffee is brewing up and the best beans in the area. This is the bright shop where you can have a coffee and enjoy with your friends. The taste of the coffee will just release your stress and you’ll be crazy to go to this place again.
  • Healdsburg Shed- This place is perfect for the family picnic and perfect place together. You can enjoy and spend all your day while drinking wines, Coffee or there are general stores from where you can buy. You can also buy supplies for your gardens and farm and grow small farms at your places.
  • Indian Springs Pool- This place must be in your bucket list and relax at the pools. This is a perfect place for spending your weekends while having wine in your hand. In this pool there will be hot mineral water in which you can put your feet and just relax.

The best place to visit this beautiful destination is between June and October as this time climate will be a cool and perfect destination in  this time period to visit.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia

This place should be in your bucket list and must be visited if you are a historic and watching history person. This place and their person who stays there are very friendly and this is a very affordable destination. You have to book this package and must explore this beautiful place, you have to book with Akhar US for exciting offers.

Most visited and exciting place in Savannah are as follow:

  • Forsyth Park- As we know Savannah is a beautiful place to visit but due to Forsyth park the beauty adds to the charm. Beautiful trees, landscape, flowers and many more things which attract tourists towards this place. You can do a wedding photoshoot or different types of photoshoot at this place.
  • City Market- This Place is open and the best place for shopping and there you’ll find many warehouses from there you can buy cute things and many stuff. There you’ll also find some bars and that’s the reason to find some crowd at this place.
  • The Owens- Thomas House- If you love to watch the architecture then you have to visit Savannah, and you won’t stop yourself from capturing that beauty. This architecture was built in the year 1819 and it’s large enough to fill many block.
  • The historic Savannah theatre- This is one of the oldest theatres which was built in 1818. You can enjoy here while watching the watching and entertainment, mostly because of the theatre. This is most popular place for watching movie in the whole Savannah.
  • The savannah waterfront- Savannah has its own river, where you can just sit in a boat and enjoy the sunset with your partner. You’ll also find shopping, dinner all over here. This view will always be in your mind forever.

The best time to visit this place is during March to July as the temperature is perfect to visit.

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