Hollywood Walk of Fame and Things to Do Nearby

Situated on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an internationally perceived symbol in the area. It comprises more than 2,690 stars, which are inserted on the sidewalks of these alleys. These long-lasting monuments are a display of the achievements made by the entertainment industry.

You will find the names of some of the most famous celebrity musicians, producers, and imaginary people inscribed on these stars. The 2-kilometer-long street is a popular tourist attraction for visitors to Los Angeles.

Things to Do Approach the Hollywood Walk of Fame

While you’re there, you’re a short walk from such enormous Hollywood Boulevard attractions as the TCL Chinese Theater, the El Capitan Theater, and Madame Tussauds Hollywood, and a short drive from such West Hollywood attractions — to give some examples — as the Sunset Strip, the WeHo Design District, and some of the best music venues in the city. For more insight into what makes the region so special, see what some of the neighborhood’s most outstanding residents need to say at Experience West Hollywood’s Extraordinary Creative Culture. Hollywood Signage

Hollywood Signage:

The tour should start with the colossal and iconic welcome sign of the Walk of Fame in Hollywood telling you that you have shown up in Hollywood! Its history dates back to the residential development of the hillside just outside Los Angeles named “Hollywood Land” in the mid-1900s, where the now-famous sign stands. The 1978 revamped signage was remade and renamed “Hollywood,” and its sheer size made it famous and the must-see that it is today! To see the sign, the weather needs to be clear, which can be very uncommon.

Universal Studios:

The Universal Studios star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame represents the world’s largest entertainer and laboratory, complete with a working studio, a theme park, and the UniversalCity Walk, where families can do different activities, eat together, shop, dine, or purchase souvenirs. The rides are constantly being improved to include popular television programs and movies as themes. In Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, children of all ages are transported to the otherworldly worlds of Diagon Back Street, Hogwarts, Muggles, and Hogsmeade.

La Brea Museum and Tar Pits:

Many eras and years ago, normal and sticky asphalt or tar tracked down underground animals, caught them, and frozen them into the most interesting fossils at the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s famed Hancock Park’s La Brea Tar Pits and the adjoining George C. Page Museum’s Pleistocene Garden, which features exhibits such as dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Nature’s bounty of fossils unearthed in excavation sites like the Saber-toothed or Smilodon Tiger, the Mammoth Elephant, and smaller animals like the bison, horse, condor, and such can keep you entertained as well as help you discover the past, tidbits of paleontology, and the regular curiosity of historians and discoverers of history and excavation sites.

Griffith Park:

The family that bonds over vacations in nature’s lap and walks of fame in Hollywood stays together! Go to Griffith Park’s 4,200 acres, which house the observatory and are famous for the Hollywood signage, which is a must at the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. The many species at the LA Zoo and its Greenhouse, the indirect wheel, the horse rides, and the mini train ride will undoubtedly be hits with the kids. They would also adore the scale models of miniatures at the Travel Town Museum and the Steamers Railroad Museum.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum:

Need a photo with your favorite star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Take a selfie with Hollywood’s personal Madame Tussaud’s assortment of lifelike wax figurines in the Hollywood Madame Tussaud Wax Museum. Today, science has progressed to the point where you can dress up and take photos of your virtual experiences of Hollywood’s existence for posterity.

Traveling to Hollywood

It is just an 8-mile drive from downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood Boulevard. You have many options, like bus tours, airport shuttle buses, Flyaway buses from the airport, metro rail, many public transport buses, bicycles, taxis, and rental cars, to explore and get around Hollywood and its Walk of Fame.

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