Places to visit in Sikkim in December

The holiday season is upon us. Mountains covered in snow, cool misty air, and so chilly temperatures. Take advantage of all this in Sikkim during December. While any season is a wonderful time to travel to Sikkim however, the extended period of December offers another type of lure to the area with lively music that will make your holiday unforgettable all the way to the end of the year. The most stunning places to go to in Sikkim are made more gorgeous during December.

The green hills and valleys shine with white snow. The stunning Himalayas get even more stunning when they are covered in virgin snow from head to the toe.


Tsomgo Lake

At a height of over 13,300 feet Tsomgo Lake is a cool lake located situated in Sikkim. Because the lake is located within a distance of just 40 kilometers from the capital city of the state, Gangtok, you should include this popular attraction on your itinerary to Sikkim. An absolute delight for visitors, Tsomgo Lake is a one of the top destinations to visit during your trip to Sikkim during December. Spend time in the most famous refuges of Sikkim and observe their kinship and their culture.

The lake, which is also known for its nickname Changu Lake, stays solidified in winter due to the presence of the extremely cool climate in the area and is an ideal spot to visit in the event that you’re visiting Sikkim during winter. Because of the breathtaking scene that the blue-sky lake is surrounded by snow-covered mountains the backdrop The lake is able to earn its place among the most magnificent high-altitude lakes in the entire country.


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Gangtok is considered to be the principal of Sikkim and is awash with gems to be found in its streets It is awe-inspiring by the endless walks beautiful silver-fir trees, and most importantly the warmth and friendliness of the locals. Make sure it’s in your list of places to see in Sikkim. Sikkim is awash with various fairy lights throughout the month of December. Because a large portion of the people in Sikkim is Christians the Christmas season is celebrated here with a lot of energy and excitement here.


Gurudongmar Lake


This breathtakingly beautiful lake that sits at a height of 17,200 feet above ocean level is among the top places for a visit to Sikkim during December. Gurudongmar Lake situated in North Sikkim is among the highest-altitude lakes in the world. With mountains covered in snow and the clear blue water of the lake make it a stunning sight to take a picture with your camera.

This lake is named for honor of Guru Padmasambhava. It is considered to be sacred by the locals. There is also a tiny sanctuary dedicated to the master on the spot. It is believed that a part of the lake is never solidified regardless of the extreme cold. The Indo-Tibetan border is just a few hundred yards from the lake.



Zuluk is a tiny home that promises a climb of approximately 10,000 feet. It is recognized for its various benefits to travelers who visit East Sikkim. It is located near the Indo-Tibetan border. Zuluk is a fantastic choice when you want to spend a days or even two in an enthralling view of Himalayan Mountains.

The town is located in an Silk Route, the town used to be the base camp for travellers traveling to Tibet to exchange their goods. Despite the fact that you require a remarkable permit to travel to this area and the experience of taking in the clear nature of this area will leave you with deep-rooted memories. The most significant places you can go to around Zuluk can be found at Lungthung, Thambi View Point and Tukla.


Teesta River

A waterway which begins at Tso Lhamo Lake in the Himalayas. Teesta River streams over the conditions of Sikkim and West Bengal before it enters Bangladesh. The thrill of sailing on the shaky streams can be a fun experience for anyone who is brave enough to visit the state in search of a bizarre experience.

The lush green woodlands and the small towns that border both sides of the river can make the stream to be a lot more exciting. Furthermore, you could take pleasure in the out in the open on the banks of the Teesta River that will make you feel closer to nature’s beauty, which is thriving in the area.




Rumtek Monastery

The place is known for its impressive engineering, this gorgeous Buddhist Monastery is an absolute standout among the top places to go to in Sikkim during December. The complex of the cloisters is an impressive three-storey structure in which unusual relics and Buddhist sacred art are on display.

Rumtek Monastery is situated on a slope that is inverse to the capital of the state, Gangtok which makes it an important place to visit. The monastery is home to vantage points that offer hypnotic views of the beautiful town are available to enjoy. Apart from being a notable sacred spot in the region, Rumtek Monastery is likewise an excellent spot that is worth a visit for those who love to take pictures.


Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass is situated at an elevation of 14140 feet and it is the most ideal place to go for trekkers who are visiting Sikkim. The showcase of the exchange in the outskirts, Sherathang, is a popular spot to buy a variety of Tibetan products at a low price. In the month of December, this gorgeous spot transforms into a secluded spot of snow-covered landscape.




Lachung is a village which sparkles as a bright morning light on an elevation of 9,610 feet. located in North Sikkim. Lachung is situated in a distance of 118 km from Gangtok and throughout the journey from Gangtok the winding stream Teesta is near by. The famous Zero point is located close to this point and offers breathtaking views of the same during winter in Sikkim.

It is surrounded by trees of pine, apple plantations and numerous Cascades Lachung can be described as a beautiful Himalayan town. The junction of two evident tributaries of Teesta-Lachung as well as the waterway Lachen is also a source of interest in the transit of Chungthang which is where the road divides into two major roads that lead to Lachen and the other leads that leads to Lachung.



The small town of Pelling is a welcoming place for visitors with warm, cozy tea in winter. Pelling is second popular destination, following Gangtok located in Sikkim. The reason why is that it has provided every guest with a memorable experience that is worth keeping. With a variety of excellent lodgings and tours, Pelling without a doubt is an ideal place to go.

At an altitude of 6800 feet Pelling is the highest part surrounded by thick forest and has a shifting natural environment. Changey along with Khangchendzonga falls are two most popular tourist spots in the town. You can go to both in a single day.



Begin a journey to explore a lesser-known and interesting town that lies in the massive peaks of the Eastern Himalayas South Sikkim. Ravangla is a town located at an elevation of around 8000 feet above sea level with breathtaking landscapes created by Kanchenjunga and its twin summits that include Kabru, Pandim, Siniolchu.

Rayong dawn perspective Relang hot springs, Temi Tea Garden, and Ralang religions are close places that will entice an adventurer. The winding roads that lead visitors to these locations and Ravangla are beautiful in December.



Namchi is considered to be the capital city of Namchi is the capital of South Sikkim locale, frequently called the capital of social life in Sikkim. The city has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. It is famous for the exact replicas of the Dhams in India and also the most impressive monument of Guru Padmasambhava in Sikkim.

At 5500 feet above sea level The town is awash in as a venue for pilgrims to the tourism industry in Sikkim is a laid-back surroundings. Namchi Helipad, Shirdi Saibaba Mandir and Char Dham complex Temi Tea Garden, Statue of Samdruptse, Namchi Rock Garden, Central Park, and Baichung Stadium are some of the most beautiful places to explore while visiting Sikkim in December.


Khangchendzonga National Park

It is believed that the Khangchendzonga National Park otherwise called Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve tosses various surprises along the trails for trekking. The trails take you to places such as Dzongri, Yuksom, the amazing Zemu Glacier, Rathang, Goechala, Bakim, Tshoka and many more.

Covering an area of 850 square. km, Khangchendzonga National Park is the largest natural life preserve in Sikkim. The incomprehensibility of this green oasis is enhanced by the close proximity of species such as that of the Himalayan mountain bear and red panda. Tibetan eland, snow leopard and musk deer. There are also flying squirrel, yapping deer and wild ass.


Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple

At an altitude of 13,123 feet., Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple, also known as Baba Mandir, is by Nathula and Jelepla Pass. Baba Harbhajan Singh was an Indian Army officer who had abandoned his duty. His spirit continues to saunter through the mountains for more than 50 years.

Many have reported seeing Baba Harbhajan, who has been observed keeping a steady surveillance throughout the night and warning the warriors of possible attacks. After a while the place has changed into a missionary site and prayer supplications are often made in this area. The site is visited by many tourists in December despite the frigid cold to feel this sensation here.



Lachen is a far-off town located in North Sikkim and the winter place of residence for Tibetan clans of migrants. Lachung is also a high city of high elevations for Tibetan and Bhutia people living located in North Sikkim. Additionally, Yumthang is a lovely valley that is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Each of them are beautiful places for visitors to visit in Sikkim. You must make sure to go to Lachen because it is the most well-known among the list of places to visit to visit in North Sikkim and for encountering snowfall in Sikkim.


Take a walk through stunning landscapes in Sikkim in December.

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