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Travel Bucket List 2021 – Most Popular Destinations in the World

Travel does not demand any occasion or event. But still, confused about which destination to visit first? Then here you will find the most popular destinations in the world which make your travel experience a mesmerizing one. You won’t have to think much about the place. Just choose one and pack your bags.

Travel Bucket List 2021 – Most Popular Destinations in the World

Here are the top 5 places to travel this time.

Koyoto, Japan

This place is the perfect blend of two timings, the past and the present. You will be fascinated by its well-oiled engine to modernized shopping areas, from its world-class hotels to its wonderful rock gardens.  Its shrines which are many centuries old provides its visitors a divine feeling. Its premium hotels will provide you the world-class treatment and ensure that you experience a wonderful stay there. Its monastery dusted Mount Hiei is another attractive place to visit. Its onsen bathing and cooking style will be the things you will love the most.

Rijeka, Croatia

The flourishing cultural prowess of the city is what you must experience. Its urban beaches, charming monuments, the intoxicating Italianate grandeur are some of the things you must explore. Its thrumming street festivals will always add up to your travel experience. The rock heritage of the shipbuilding port, museum of modern and contemporary art is what you must experience during your travel. Its beaches are the upcoming attraction of future travelers.


A coffee lover will surely be fascinated by the coffee farms of Panama. Its footprint islands, Spanish forts are must-visit points for the greater travel experience. The Islas Secas eco-retreat which opened in December 2019 has given access to 14 little islands on the sun-drenched Pacific coast of Panama. The marine park in the Pacific has the largest coral reefs. Thus if you are a sea lover then this place will be your next travel destination.

Rabat, Morocco

This place is the new epicenter of Art.  Its spice trade among the cafes and restaurants is the perfect feeling to explore for food lovers.  Its wide pavements, city beaches, Andalusian gardens, and then the guitars strumming in streets are the center point of attraction of the place. The European feel of the city is what attracts the most travelers.

The British Virgin Islands

Despite, the name of this destination vanished for a few years because of the powerful hit of the Atlantic, the place is back in the list of the top destination to visit. Its hotel renovation and reopening, the enduring cheery islands have finally bounced back t attract the travelers. The island’s indigenous trees, beaches, and classy hotels are the places that must be visited.

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