Central America Cruises with Akshar Travel

Central America Cruise is one of the ideal tourist vacation destinations for fun lovers. A Central America Cruise can take you eastbound or westbound across the Panama Canal. You can explore the pacific port of the Panama canal, you can also visit colon or explore the entire Caribbean destinations.  Central America is also well-known for its lush jungles, beaches and ecotourism opportunities. We have multiple destinations for you all with multiple amenities with all the fun of travelling by sea. In one go you will complete the entire exploring of Central America through Cruise and get to know about the different things and traverse the beautiful destinations with us. 


You can discover many beautiful islands in Central America as each with it has their own traditions, culture and rich history. Enjoy the best trip with unforgettable experience around the Central America Ocean.

Cross the Panama Canal on a Panama Cruise

Explore the Panama Canal and witness the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal with a Cruise across this technological wonder. You may even spot one of the many species of rare birds that inhabit the forest. You can also see the locks in action and pass from one ocean to another. Cruising the Panama Canal will take less than a day, so you will get plenty of time to explore Panama and the oceans beyond. Panama City will offer you an incredible shopping  experience in the colonial streets of Casco Viejo. In Colon, Cruise Gatun Lake or visit the rainforest.

As you’ll be making your way between the pacific and Atlantic Oceans with our Panama Canal Cruise. Make your Panama Canal Cruise vacations with us including all the amenities that we are offering.