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Akshar Tours is a recognized travel agency in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide International vacations that are a dream for many, and they are essential to visit new destinations, meet new people as well as relaxing, and enjoy the fun with your family. If you’ve been thinking about an international trip and have been thinking about it for years is possible.


We are a top Travel Agency and travel consultant that are located in Atlanta, Georgia offering the most effective travel services at a competitive price.


Akshar Tours provides vacation packages from Atlanta and consultation for the UK, Europe, Australia, India, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, South Africa, Dubai, and the US.


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Our Services

Are you searching for the top holiday packages for India as well as abroad? Don’t worry! We offer exciting offers and offers all year long. You can pick from a variety of both international and domestic tourist destinations via our website. Our goal is to make sure that your trip is memorable every time. In addition, we assist with visa approvals, Indian e Visa, passport renewals, OCI card service, as well as other travel-related resources.

Indian Holidays

India is a blend of traditions, cultures as well as languages and people. This is a country that is proud of its distinctive identity in the most effective way. The country is fortunate to have some of the most beautiful places to visit such as Jammu & Kashmir, Rann of Kutch, Goa, Rajasthan, Assam, Kerala, and numerous others.

International Vacations

We believe in offering the most secure travel packages to a variety of destinations around the world. Our carefully planned vacations are available to amazing destinations like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Dubai, Mauritius as well as The Middle East, and European countries.

Our Specials Tour

Akshar Travels is one of the most reputable travel agents within New Jersey as it offers custom-designed vacations at affordable rates. We provide wedding packages, group tours and family holidays that are truly unforgettable. Customers can also reserve short-break tour packages as well as women’s exclusive tour packages, corporate tours as well as student-specific tours. We can customize your itinerary to suit your needs. expertise!

Our Services

As an established tour operator located in Iselin, New Jersey, Akshar Travels has made its name in the tourism industry. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable travel experience for USA citizens living in India as well as other countries around the globe. We offer top-quality quality services to our customers who want to travel for pleasure or business alike. From booking tickets for flights or providing specific country guidelines, we’re committed to make your travels hassle-free.